Strategies & Lenders - Yield Optimization
Getting yield on the collateral received in PoolManager
SLPs are incentivized to bring collateral to the protocol because they get part of the transactions fees induced by users minting and burning and receive yield on their assets. Angle inspired from Yearn to implement strategies to farm its reserves composed of LPs' and stable seekers' assets. Most of the logic related to Strategies has been adapted from yVaults (shout out to them!)
To reduce composability risks, Angle implements its own lending strategies to keep a greater control on protocol owned reserves. To this extent, the Strategyand Lender contracts of Yearn have been adapted to fit in Angle's architecture.
The first strategy of the protocol consists in optimizing for the best APY between Compound and Aave.
Each PoolManager thus has several types of contracts associated to it:
  • ​Strategy: there can be several per PoolManager, each Strategy has its debt ratio that specifies how much of the collateral of each manager should be lent to the strategy
  • ​Lender: there can be several such contracts per strategy depending on the strategy
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