Public Repositories
Angle's public repositories
To keep pushing towards the decentralization of the protocol and everything that comes with it, Angle is releasing most of its code publicly.
This allows people to verify what they are using, how it works, and even start building on top of the protocol!

Angle Core

The Angle Core repo is hosting the suite of smart contracts making up the Core Module of the protocol.
The addresses of the smart contracts corresponding to this module can be found in the mainnet contracts page of this doc.
*Note that the Team is working on a separate repository, and pushes updates to this one when they are completed.

Angle SDK

The Angle SDK repository is used to build on top of the Angle protocol.
The different Angle apps (like the main app and the DAO app rely on this SDK to interpret Angle smart contracts data. More info about how to use it in the repository's README.

Angle Multisig

The Angle Multisig repository is used to push transactions to the different Gnosis multisig governing the Angle Protocol.
One usage of this repo is also to verify the nature of the transactions made by governance. People voting for an upgrade on Snapshot can look at this repo to see whether the actions actually performed by Angle Governance match with the vote.

Angle Assets

The Angle Assets repository contains Angle branding assets.

Contributing to the repositories

As these repositories are public, anyone is welcomed to contribute with code or feedback. There are no clear guidelines as to how contributions should work at the moment. Feel free to reach out in the #developers channel of Angle Discord server so we can talk this through!