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Angle's public code repositories

Smart Contracts

Main Repositories

Angle is a protocol made of different modules, each with their own set of smart contracts. There are different open-source repositories for the different parts of the protocol:

The addresses of the deployed smart contracts of the protocol can be found in this section of the docs.

Side Repositories

Angle codebase also includes some repos that anyone can fork for its own tailored usage:

  • Boilerplate: a repository to fork to rapidly and easily start new Solidity projects using both Foundry and Hardhat framework.

  • Bridge Framework: a modular framework to bring a token that exists natively on a chain across different chains using whitelisted bridge solutions (including Layer Zero)

Angle Keeper

This repo is an implementation example of a liquidator of the borrowing module.


The Subgraphs repo contains the subgraphs used to build the Analytics and track historical information about the state of the protocol.

Angle Token List

The Angle Token List repo is used by the Angle App to correctly display token logos and easily interpret some token behaviors (like whether permit can be used or not).

Angle Multisig

The Angle Multisig repository is used to push transactions to the different Gnosis multisig governing the Angle Protocol.

One usage of this repo is also to verify the nature of the transactions made by governance. People voting for an upgrade on Snapshot can look at this repo to see whether the actions actually performed by Angle Governance match with the vote.

Angle Assets

The Angle Assets repository contains Angle branding assets.

Contributing to the repositories

As these repositories are public, anyone is welcomed to contribute with code or feedback. There are no clear guidelines as to how contributions should work at the moment. Feel free to reach out in the #developers channel of Angle Discord server so we can talk this through!

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